The family portraits we make at your session will be hanging on your walls forever. They’ll be looked at over and over again, cherished, and loved. You’re going to want to look and feel your best in your photos, so here are some simple tips to help that happen.




Tip #1. Choose outfits carefully

Outfits choices are definitely important to the overall look and feel of your final images! If you’ve already booked a session with me, it’s likely we’ve already talked about this & that I’ve shared my helpful blog post with you, so feel free to skip to #2.

When choosing outfits, I recommend picking something that you’re comfortable in (but nicer than sweatpants), something that matches the environment we’re shooting in (For example, you wouldn’t want to dress up in an evening gown for a session in the forest), and something that coordinates with the whole family. Thinking ahead, it might also be smart to have everyone wear outfits that match the room of your home you want to hang a portrait in!

I highly recommend reading this blog post that has two ideas for picking coordinating but not matching outfits for a whole group of people:


Tip #2. Make sure everyone is well rested and well fed

Don’t you always feel great after a nice night of rest and a good meal? That’s how you’ll want to feel during your portrait session! You don’t want to feel fatigued or be easily irritated. I recommend getting a good nights sleep the night before your session and to have your kids take a nap before the session too. If you had planned to go out to eat after your session like many families do it might be wise to have a big, healthy snack before the session so everyone is well fed and happy during your portrait session.




Tip #3. Leave plenty of time to get ready

You don’t want to stress out right before your portrait session, so make sure to plan ahead and leave plenty of time to get the whole family dressed and ready before your session.


Tip #4. Moisturize

This one sounds kind of silly, but moisturizing is a simple and effective way to look your best and give you a subtle glow! Make sure to use lotion and chapstick before your portrait session.


NJ Family Portrait Session


Tip #5. A must-read for managing expectations

I wrote a popular blog post a year or so ago that is an absolute must-read for moms and dads before their session. It’s all about managing expectations at a portrait session, especially for a family session with little ones! Reading this blog post will help reduce your stress about behavior and what could happen at your family portrait session.

Managing Expectations for a Family Portrait Session


fall family photos


I hope you found these tips helpful! For more tips on preparing for your session, check out the “Session Info” tab on the right hand side of this page!