Hey there, I’m Heather Palecek! By now you already know that I’m a Portrait & Small Celebration photographer from Hunterdon County, NJ and you’ve realized that I love to create natural photographs that capture genuine emotion. I live in Three Bridges and am a true grab-life-by-the-horns kind of gal! {Think skydiving, mountain climbing, hair blowing in the breeze on the back of a motorcycle kind of adventurer!} In my spare time, you’ll find me creating artwork, taking care of my plants, out hiking, and planning my next vacation. {Boundary Waters Backpacking Trip – Aug 2024!}

Since 2011, I’ve been honing my photography skills and building my business. My goal? To create a comfortable and fun portrait experience for you and your family with excellent customer service. To capture genuine expression with my “candidly posed” style. I want to give you an opportunity to print your photographs so you can cherish your memories and photos for generations like I’ve been able to do at my grandparents house for my whole life.

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More about me:

I spend my summers living in my off-the-grid tiny-home cabin in the Adirondacks. I love mountains and hiking and then going out for ice cream after, relaxing in a hammock with a good book and an IPA, browsing antique stores and record stores, seeing live music, snuggling my cat, reminiscing through old photo albums, and tending to my dozens of house plants. 

I believe in resisting convenience and living life intentionally, stewarding Mother Nature, the zero waste movement, feminism, equality for all, and being a good person ~ doing good for others.

If you’re interested in the artwork I create and catching me at my next gallery exhibition, head over to: heatherpalecek.squarespace.com