Having spent the majority of my life exploring the outdoors, I’ve always felt a kinship with trees.

Is that strange?

While hiking I find I’m drawn to the look of certain trees, I reach my hand out to touch them as I pass by, I feel their textures and can sense their energy. They each have their own personality, so to speak, which has inspired me to pursue this project: “Portraits of Trees”

I pack my hiking pack with studio equipment and hike into the woods.

It’s strange carrying my photo gear in this way, but I’m inspired and I try not to think about it. Sometimes I already know what tree I’m going to photograph it, as it’s beauty has been etched in my mind for some time. Other times I walk slowly through the woods and wait for one to speak to me. Once it’s found I set up a studio around it and carefully photograph it. I try to capture the beauty of their texture and form in a black and white photograph with contrasty lighting.

This year, these portraits have been exhibited at the “Kind Creatives” show in Jersey City at Cathedral Hall, at the Ellarslie in Trenton, and at the D&R Greenway Land Trust “lovely as a tree” exhibit.