There are so many wonderful reasons that I love New Jersey. The biggest being diversity. There is so much diversity in NJ in terms of people, food, demographics and landscape – some of my favorite things to do here are escape into the mountains of Northern, NJ or find the smallest restaurant in the middle of a big city with the best ethnic foods you can find or of course venture down the coast to the Jersey Shore…

When this absolutely wonderful family invited me to come photograph them one morning while they were on vacation at one of NJ’s best ‘private’ beaches, I was so excited! I packed up my car with strobe lights and soft boxes and headed down to Chadwick before sunrise. As I drove down the Parkway I remember thinking how absolutely gorgeous that sunrise was! (Especially when paired with a large coffee from Wawa!)

This photoshoot consisted of three generations of family members: grandparents, parents and their children. Everyone wore a hue of blue and looked absolutely gorgeous in the backlit, morning sun.

I’ve honestly thanked this family probably 20 times for asking me to photograph them – that’s how much fun we had! Any family that sings songs by both CCR and the Kinks in the middle of a photoshoot is AWESOME in my book!!

Take a look at these sunny beach photographs of three gorgeous children with sandy feet and a wonderful, fun and loving family…

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Lighting setup: 1 Alienbee B800 with softbox at camera right.