unicorn themed 1st birthday party

Happy Birthday, Mackenzie!

This adorable kid just turned ONE and celebrated her February birthday with a unicorn themed party at home with family and friends. I’ve been photographing her older brothers birthday parties for 3 years and now that she’s having her first big milestone I’m so happy to be able to continue the tradition with her. Many of the guests were the same, so walking into this party was like walking into a house filled with my own friends and family. I love getting to know my clients and their friends in that way, and having the opportunity to celebrate life’s greatest joys with them! Mackenzie is smart, inquisitive and so, so happy… even if she’s hard to get to crack a smile! I’m happy to report that she was having such a blast at her party with friends that I got quite a few little smiles of hers! unicorn themed party decorations The party was unicorn themed, and as always they had a great assortment of themed snacks and toys out for the kids. The bag of unicorn farts was my favorite!! haha unicorn themed 1st birthday party They waited patiently for guests to arrive while eyeing up all the yummy snacks and balloons, but I quickly grabbed  their attention for some family portraits before everyone got there. I love the one of her big brother leaning over to give her a hug! <3 unicorn themed 1st birthday party As their friends and family started to arrive they set up appetizers in the kitchen and started playing with some of the toys in the living room. unicorn themed 1st birthday party …and there’s nothing better than pizza for lunch – it’s always a crowd pleaser here in New Jersey! Quick, easy, and so delicious! unicorn themed 1st birthday party Of course after lunch there was more playing. It must have taken hours to clean up all these toys after the party! I loved watching how well the kids got along and all the fun they had together. Toy cars are always a big hit in this household! unicorn themed 1st birthday party The birthday cake was unicorn themed with rainbows and the kids LOVED it. I’m pretty sure there were a few finger prints in the icing before it had a chance to be cut! unicorn themed 1st birthday party unicorn themed 1st birthday party unicorn themed 1st birthday party As you can see… the cake was delicious! I even got to take some home, myself!  unicorn themed 1st birthday party Wishing you the happiest birthday, Mackenzie, and an amazing year to come!