This week on Instagram I’ve been posting about moments and collecting quotes from the amazing mamas out there about their favorite and most memorable moments as moms. I also wanted to know what they remembered the most about their own mom growing up.

This blog post features some of the answers I received…

Happy Mothers Day!

mom and daughter posing outdoors in fall

When asked, “what moments do you remember the most vividly?”

“When my babies would fall asleep on my chest and I’d just soak in their sweetness.” -Francesca

“The first night home from the hospital. First “I love you”. First steps.” -Jill


mom and daughter with yellow flowers

When asked, “what are your favorite adventures and activities to do with your kids?”

“Grocery Shopping! I see so many parents giving their kids phones or tablets in the store…” -Jill

“Anything outside. Nothing planned. Letting them explore and seeing where it leads.” -Jill

“We love going to the movies for family movie night!” -Francesca


When asked, “What do you remember most about your own mother while you were growing up?”

“Her love for nature and being outside as often as possible.” – Caitlyn

“She always made me feel loved and important.” – Jill

“Her saying, “Ooo look at the rainbow!!!” and, “Wooowww look at the moooooon!”” – Renee

“We did a lot of baking cookies. She called it making memories.” – Chrissy


family portrait with newborn in nursery

When asked, “What do you like the most about being a mom?”

“Seeing the little people I created with the person I love most grow and become.” – Jill


Family Portrait at Frelinghuysen Arboretum

When asked, “What values do you hope to instill in your kids?”

“To be kind and inclusive, even if it’s not the “cool”/popular thing to do.” – Kelsey

“Love, kindness, respect, loyalty, self-esteem” – Jill