A few months ago I photographed a sweet 16 party that was so much fun I have to blog about it! Lexi’s Sweet 16 was filled with many family & friends, so much love, and some of the best dance moves I’ve ever seen! It was held at Bottagra in Hawthorne, NJ an Italian Restaurant which was a great event venue if anyone reading this is looking. (It was so great, I actually wrote to the owners to tell them how well I was treated as the event photographer and what a pleasure it was working there!) The dining room was transformed into a dance hall with lounge seating and a private bar as well as dining rooms off to the side for family members. 

As the event opened, there was a Step and Repeat backdrop that I photographed each guest in front of with Lexi. I thought this was such a simple, wonderful way to make an event glamorous and fun for everyone.


This sweet 16 was a black tie event, but Lexi’s court was asked to wear white with blue heels to match her stunning royal blue dress.

NJ-Sweet-16-Event-Photographers NJ-Sweet-16-Photogtaphers

Once everyone was into the event, it was an awesome time! There was a lot of dancing and many great memories made!



Towards the end of the night there was a beautiful candle lighting ceremony in which Lexi honored her family members, friends, and dance instructors and team members.

Candle Ceremony

I hope you’re having a wonderful year, Lexi! Being sixteen was the best!!! <3