A wedding proposal at a Christmas Tree Farm? Can there be anything more romantic?

I was so beyond excited to receive an email from Nelson about the planning of his proposal to his girlfriend, Audrey. What was most exciting for me personally was the thought of sneaking around a tree farm, planning my compositions, and getting the perfect photo of him down on one knee. I didn’t know where he was going to do it, so I had to think like a ninja and hide behind Christmas trees, act like I was an oblivious tourist when they walked by, and make sure more than anything else that I was ready at a moments notice when the wedding proposal started so I could get the perfect shot of them.


While I walked around stalked them in the field of trees at Griffins Tree Farm in Monroe, NJ I photographed Evergreen Needles and rain drops. 

That’s right – RAIN DROPS. We were hoping and wishing so hard to get snow on this beautiful morning, but instead we got a steady drizzle of rain which turned into a heavy shower. It didn’t stop Nelson from proposing and it didn’t stop me from photographing though – it was actually a lot of fun photographing in the rain. 

He asked her to “merry” him at almost 12:34, by handing her an incredible hand-painted saw as they were about to cut down the most perfect Christmas Tree. He got down on one knee and she was definitely surprised! Audrey said “yes!”.


After a few minutes of bliss, I emerged from the trees to say hi, and we did a mini couples session. Here are a few of my favorites:

Wedding-Proposal-Photographer-NJ Wedding-Proposal-Photographer-NJ Wedding-Proposal-Photographer-NJ Wedding-Proposal-Photographer-NJ


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