…even I’ve been bragging about it, and I’m ‘just the photographer’…

I can’t even imagine what Jill’s been saying about it, and how big the bridesmaids smiles get every time she does – because seriously… this bridal shower was AMAZING!

They were telling stories about the set-up, being outdoors at 2am, spraying a “Happy Waitress” with silicone food sealant and laughing so hard about it as they did. These bridesmaids put an incredible amount of thought, time and effort into creating a Jill & Nic themed bridal shower, so perfect that the whole room was in tears on multiple occasions.

Each table was decorated with a theme based on their relationship: Their first Date, First “I Love You”, their engagement, their ‘favorites’, etc. and were set up so wonderfully that everyone walked around to each and every table to check them all out. Besides the wonderful decor, the guests played fun games throughout the day that have everyone out of their seats, socializing and laughing hysterically! I’m telling you – these bridesmaids should think about starting an event planning business – the day was that good!

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Location: Rivaras

Dessert: Bridesmaid, Tiffany, made delicious home-made cupcakes and cake! Iced and topped with GLITTER! Whoa!

Photographer: Heather Palecek