As many of you know, I am a high school photography teacher.

Each year there is a huge event called Art Extravaganza, which is a K-12 art show, exhibiting work from students in each grade as well as a ‘solo exhibit’ for each of the advanced art students and a staff art show.

This school year is my first time teaching the Photo 3 and AP Photography students. I am always so proud of all of the work they create and the people that they are growing to be, each and every day, that I didn’t realize how emotional I would be at this show and that it would end up meaning a lot more to me than I had thought. ¬†After assisting my students throughout the week with setup, seeing the pride they have in their work, the hard work they put into planning and executing their displays and then being able to see them dressed up and excited on the night of their show was overwhelming for me. I am absolutely amazed by them and have so much pride in being able to call them my students. Each gasp and compliment I heard made by guests about my students work filled me with so much joy. I could feel it in my heart and see it in their faces. Nights like this help me remember why I went into teaching in the first place, remind me how lucky I am to have a job that I love and keep me motivated to continue in education. I am so incredibly proud of the exhibits my advanced students created for their work and because of that I have to show it off!

Here’s a photograph of each students display as well as the Photography 1 and Photography 2 walls of student work and the Photography Clubs display.

And here is the work that I exhibited in the Staff Art Show:

Mountains in My Eyes