family of four posing in woods

I just adore this family! I’ve had the pleasure to get to know their growing family over the last few years, photographing them at each stage and creating a friendship with them along the way.

We took these photos at their home in the backyard – Isn’t it amazing how beautiful it is back there? A fun fact about our history is that actually every photo shoot we’ve done together has been at their home! I think this is the 5th time I’ve photographed them and each time we’ve found a new secret corner of their yard to photograph in. I loved the tall trees and bright sun in these images. It was the perfect backdrop!

Jill picked out a gorgeous fall color palette and outfits for everyone – a mix of golden yellows, blues, greens and grays. The earthy tones looked amazing on them and within this setting. I brought my favorite yellow blanket and we were able to incorporate it into their poses.

family of four posing in woodsfamily of four posing in woods

collage of photos of mom and dad with their son and daughter

family of four plays on blanket candidly family of four candid photograph

After spending some time taking a mix of poses in the backyard we decided to mosey over to the side yard where there were different looking trees to give more variety to their final gallery of images.

Actually… it was big brothers idea to get out of the woods! haha One of my tricks for a successful family portrait session is to empower the kids by allowing them to make decisions so they stay more involved and interested in the process. I’m so glad we moved over to where the evergreen trees were – they gave a gorgeous more winter-like look to the photographs. <3

brother and sister hold hands dad holds daughter making a funny face husband and wife posing wife looks up at husband pose

During this family portrait session we wanted to take a few of just the youngest daughter since she had just turned one years old, to document her milestone. Before we started with family photos, I photographed just her and they came out so cute! Here are some of those highlights:

one year old yellow shoes

Thanks so much for taking a peek at my blog and reading this post!