Happy Birthday, Dax!

Dax’s first birthday party was amazing – full of all his family and friends, good food, tons of dancing and a lot of laughs! I had the best time spending the evening with his family capturing his big night! The party was held at Martinsville, Gardens in Martinsville, NJ. It was my first time photographing at this venue and I was really impressed – it was gorgeous with big open windows and a great view! The room was decorated brightly with a rainbow of colors, balloons, and photos of the birthday boy on each table.

Martinsville Gardens NJ

In the entranceway by the bar were an assortment of personalized favors and cookies, artwork by Dax on display, and an idea I thought was so cool – They made a time capsule box that guests filled with messages that they’ll store away and give to him on his 18th birthday! <3

1st birthday cake and decor

Before guests arrived we took some family photos in front of the balloon archway. 

…and as guests arrived there was lots of excitement, hugs and laughs. Everyone was looking at the beautiful details that decorated the venue and filling out their messages for the time capsule.

Dax looked so cute in his plaid suit! He was ready to party! …which is exactly what they did!

After a little bit of mingling and dancing they cut the cake and got everyone out on the dance floor to celebrate and sing “Happy Birthday”! His family and grandparents fed him his first few bites of birthday cake while everyone cheered and danced.

After that it was a dance party for the rest of the night! DJ Karan J kept everyone on the floor for the rest of the evening. He was such a great DJ and so good with the kids, letting some of them behind his booth to play.

It was such a pleasure to partake in this celebration and get to capture all of these memories! I’m wishing a very happy birthday to Dax!

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