I’m so glad that I was invited to photograph Mackenzie’s 5th birthday party and celebrate with her and all her friends! After all these years it feels like I’m part of the party and not just a bystander with a camera. These clients make me feel loved and appreciated; like one of their friends. I’ve been photographing both Mackenzie and her brothers birthday parties for 8 years now. It’s been amazing to watch them and all their friends grow up through these parties each year. And I think their friends families LOVE the candid photos of all their kids and classmates having fun together. The best part though is that all of the kids are familiar with me so they don’t mind me being there with a camera and letting me in on all the action as they run up and down stairs between bedrooms, and playrooms.

Her friends couldn’t get enough of playing hide and seek, chasing each other, playing dress up, jumping in the stuffed animal closet, playing games, sword fights, arcade games, and then of course eating pizza and cake! It was an awesome party, full of fun and loving people, all coming together to celebrate Mackenzie’s 5th birthday. 

I always show up to events a half hour or more early to photograph the detail and decorations, as well as get some family portraits in. Her party theme was Super Mario Brothers, which made the 90’s child in me so happy!

As the first guests arrived they knew right where to go – downstairs to the play room with Mackenzie to check out all the cool toys and the stuffed animal closet!

From here it was up and down and up and down and up and down… exactly like a kids party should be: lots of movement and fun with very little quiet.

Then it was time for pizza and cupcakes to end the celebration!

Actually…. the real end to the celebration was the group shot on the couch at the end! It always ends in a tumble onto the floor… 


Wishing you a very Happy 5th year, Mackenzie! Can’t wait until next year!