“A family that hikes together stays together”

That’s a saying, right?? Well, it is now.

This portrait session is a favorite of mine – not only because the photographs came out beautiful, but because the family was so warm and friendly. I feel like I left with new friends and people I could call on if I wanted a hiking partner one day. 

We all met at Round Valley for the afternoon. Mom and Dad, their 2 kids, and all the grandkids. There is a very special place at Round Valley they call “The Grandpa Bench” and we were set to go hike out to it and create some mantle-piece family portraits together. I think we all have a special outdoor area that’s full of meaning and wonder to us, or at least I know I do. This session inspired me to want to have portraits of myself and my family in my special place. (In case you’re wondering… Buttermilk Falls in the Gap) Maybe these portraits will inspire you too – I love to create family portraits in meaningful locations! “The Grandpa Bench” is a place he hikes to almost daily to enjoy the view of the reservoir. It was beautiful!

When we first arrived we actually used the parking lot to get the family portraits started! There’s not an ugly place in the whole park… Unfortunately it started drizzling a little but true to style, this family didn’t mind and eventually it stopped. I loved how adventurous they were! It definitely set the tone for a fun hiking adventure together! Everyone dressed in warm hues and their outfits matched perfectly together and with the environment. It was peak fall leaf season in NJ so the colors were popping! As with every extended family portrait session we created a mix of groupings between grandkids and grandparents, individual families, and by gender. 

Can’t wait to share this highlight reel with you! 

After our parking lot portraits Grandpa lead the way to the bench…

These photographs from behind overlooking the reservoir are some of my faves!

If you’re ready for a hiking adventure of your own that ends with a beautiful family portrait above the fireplace, contact me today