This newborn + family session was so special to me! It feels like forever ago that I photographed the engagement session for these two in Bethlehem where they met, and now they’re parents, and we had a wonderful morning catching up, talking about parenthood, playing with little miss G, and fielding lots of my questions about all of their home decor and how I can make my future home look as beautifully boho as theirs. (Turns out… facebook marketplace is the place to be!) A LOT has happened in the past 9 years since I last photographed them, but the year 2022 was full of amazing things – with a new house and a perfect addition to their family we knew that a lifestyle session was the way to go.

Lifestyle sessions are a style of photo shoot that feature your home as the background with candid/natural posing and cute moments captured photojournalistically. These are my favorite type of portrait sessions because of how genuine the photographs are. I actually wrote a whole ‘manifesto’ about why the home is the perfect place for a portrait session:

We created these photos in a few different rooms within their home. As always, I asked where they typically interact with their daughter, and what spaces hold special value for them. We chose the nursery to play and do tummy time, the parents bedroom to snuggle up and take some nursing photos, and their beautiful light filled living room. We ended the day bundling up and going for a walk in their new neighborhood.

It was a perfect day and I’m so excited to share these photos with you! These photos made a beautiful photo album so I’ll share some spreads with you too.

“The Denali Album” named after the tallest mountain in America. This album features a custom design on beautiful matte art paper with a seamless lay-flat center gutter to create perfect panorama spreads, and a wrap around leather cover that ties together in a knot. It’s absolutely gorgeous in person, feels great in your hands, and looks amazing on your coffee table! <3