Oh how I loved this fall family session! We had so much fun together – almost non-stop laughter – with two silly kids and a beautiful fall backdrop at one of my favorite locations!

My approach to family photography is “candidly posed” and my laidback personality allows me to easily meet my goal of a stress free session where the kids can be themselves (silly and active) which allows me to capture genuine expressions and smiles of the whole family. “Candidly Posed” means I’ll pose you in a great location with a beautiful backdrop but then direct you to do something to get the kids to smile or laugh, have you interact as a family, and then sit back and capture the moment as it unfolds. I’ll be able to capture not only the perfectly posed smiley photos for above the mantle, but the genuine and loving ones that can adorn your walls and family albums. I think this portrait session is a great example of that and I’m excited to share these photos with you!

We met at Washington Crossing Park (the NJ side) which is one of my favorite places because of the variety of beautiful backdrops from woods to paths to buildings. The whole family dressed in perfect outfits who’s colors complimented each other and the scene. These guys are pros though – this was our third or fourth time working together. But the first time in a few years, so it was great to catch up with the kids and see how much they’ve grown and what they’re interested in. Both boys are smart, sweet, personable, curious, and fun. We had a blast together! A few times I was almost in tears laughing. I think I best captured their personalities and the fun we had in this first photo here, where the boys are in motion running around and being silly in the foreground with mom and dad snuggled up in the background. I think all boy moms can relate to this one!

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