What do you do when it’s going to rain during your scheduled family portrait session?

…the best answer is to dress up in your cutest rain gear and have some fun with it!!!

Family Portraits in the Rain:

I’m not sure most families or even most photographers would be excited about rain at their family portrait session, but that’s what makes my clients so amazing! I’m as adventurous as they come and I think I attract that in the families that choose to work with me. So often are my clients trusting me to pick beautiful, off the beaten path locations, go hiking or play in a stream, and even brave snowy or rainy weather. These adventurous families and our adventurous sessions are always my favorite! I make sure I’m always prepared for unique and adventurous circumstances, so I was thrilled when this family decided not to cancel and wanted to play in the rain.

We didn’t change any of our plans, except for outfits, and met at Allaire State Park in NJ. It was actually my first time there for a portrait session and I loved this location. (I had only been there to go camping!) They chose the location because of the beautiful old buildings. I loved using the church to frame them in some of their family portraits.

Their three year old sons dressed in matching rain boots, rain coats, and umbrellas. (SO CUTE!) The umbrellas sure came in handy during a downpour that lasted a few minutes! And their outfits kept them dry at the end of the session when they jumped in the puddles that had formed in the driveway. That was the perfect ending to a really fun portrait session. I’m so glad we got together to make these photos.

So far, every time it’s rained since then I’ve posted these photos on instagram. I have a feeling this is a trend I’ll keep for a while, haha! But if you haven’t enjoyed them on IG yet… please enjoy the highlights here.

Highlight Reel: