I often suggest to families that the best place to create your family photos is actually in your own yard! It might seem a bit strange when there are so many beautiful parks nearby with picturesque scenery, and I do understand the feeling of your backyard being “boring” in comparison… but when you consider the reason for your family portraits, if it’s to preserve memory of your family at a specific point in time then I feel there’s no better place! I even have a whole blog post that goes into depth about my feeling of linking memory to family portraits, and why backyards and front porches are the best. If you want to see some photos of me as a kid and read about my thoughts on the matter, visit this blog: https://www.hpalecek.com/why-you-should-consider-taking-your-family-portraits-at-home/

Backyards are especially great locations for large, extended family sessions when you have lots of kids and cousins to keep track of or when one or more of your family members may use a wheelchair or need access to a place to rest throughout the session.

We did our second extended Foran Family session in the grandparents backyard and I’m so glad we did. The kids (and pups) had a great time running around freely between small groupings right in front of the bright yellow fall leaves. The front porch was a beautiful location for the whole family to get together. And afterwards they got to enjoy each others company for the rest of the afternoon in the comfort of home. Each family member dressed in a variety of maroon red’s and blues, which complimented each other and the yellow leaves perfectly. (My art degree taught me to love the primary color schemes!) 

Take a peek for yourself and enjoy this highlight reel from a wonderful fall family session.

Highlight Reel:

If you’re interested in getting the whole family together for a backyard portrait session, contact me today!