I get a little stir-crazy in the winter because I can’t hike & I feel as if the harsh winter months keep me locked indoors daydreaming of the adventures I had over the previous summer and longing for the adventures I’m planning to go on.

I know what you’re thinking… I CAN hike in the winter. Who cares if there’s snow and it’s 20 degrees out, just get the right equipment and you’re good to go. Truth be told… I’m just not that into it. I have friends that have summited mountains in snow up to their waists, freezing to death the whole way. To my surprise they tell the story with a sparkle in their eye, revealing the experience through their stories. I listen carefully, wishing that I could take that much pleasure in the endeavor but know that I wouldn’t. I would be miserable.

Well… between the holidays after a nice snow storm my boyfriend (who enjoys an adventure as much as I do) and I got desperate. We decided on a light adventure. No hiking, just photographing. We put snow boots on and decided we were going to go to High Point and photograph evergreens in snow. When we got to High Point State Park we realized they plowed just far enough that people who snow shoe and cross country ski could park and make it to the lodge. We wouldn’t have been able to get to the actual monument. The lack of effort in plowing up the mountain to the monument made it evident to us that they didn’t want anyone driving up there. We turned around and I suggested Steeny Kill Lake while Ryan suggested Sunrise Mountain. On our way to a new location we passed my father on the road. He called us to see what we were up to and suggested going to Buttermilk Falls. YES! WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!! Good thing Ryan has an Xterra fit for off roading because nothing was plowed in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. We made it all the way to the falls and they were stunning! Of all the times I’ve been to the falls, I have never been in the winter time. I fell in love with the place all over again.

Unplowed Paths

I started by photographing the falls in motion by using a side view mirror as a ‘tripod’.

Buttermilk Falls in Winter

Then we went closer, and then we decided to go up to the top.

the winter ground below parallelogram with fern From the Top of the Falls Steep and Slippery

Afterwards on our way home, driving through Walpack, I was inspired to photograph this church decorated for Christmas. Beautiful!

Christmas Doors Church in Walpack

It ended up being a great day!

In the coming days we talked about buying snow shoes. Since we didn’t like to hike IN the snow, maybe we would like to hike ON the snow?? Turns out, fate won out and the very next morning after deciding to make the purchase I received an email from Eastern Mountain Sports that they were having a sale on snow shoes!!! (No way!) So I drove down there, picked them up and more adventures ensued! Check out this blog post for the full adventure.