So, I got a SICK deal on snow shoe’s at Eastern Mountain Sports. It was just unbelievable – the day after Ryan & I decided to purchase snow shoes I get an email that there’s a huge sale on them! We got Tubb’s brand Hiking snow shoes. Ryans are the coolest and mine are pink. There is a large lack of enthusiasm in having pink snow shoes, but oh-well. Check em out!

My Snow Shoes

Since our last winter adventure informed us that High Point State Park is set up for snow shoeing and cross country skiing, we knew just where to go on our first snow shoeing adventure!

We got up to the lodge as it started flurrying with the second snow storm that week. It cost us $12.00 each for a full day of snow shoeing and there was only one trail to choose from, so we obviously chose it. It was called the Monument Trail and it was 8 Kilometers in length. Not so bad. It lead us on a journey behind the lodge, around Lake Marcia, up one mountain ridge, down and around, back up another mountain ridge to the High Point Monument itself, down that mountain, back around Lake Marcia and to the lodge. It took us a total of 4 hours. I’m not sure if that is “making it in good time” or not, since it was out first time getting used to snow shoeing.

At first, I took a lot of photographs. I started at Lake Marcia photographing these snow covered plants that I found very attractive and inspiring.

Iced Over Lake Marcia The Most Beautiful Snowy Plant

But by the middle of our hike it was a full on BLIZZARD and I was afraid to take my camera out too much. Every time I did, my snow covered gloves would get my camera wet and snow would fall onto my camera and into my bag. I was nervous. I did take a few more photographs though…

Pantone Style Mountains High Point Monument in a Blizzard

See how much snow is falling in that photograph of the High Point Monument?! You can’t even see it!


…I’ve been to High Point State Park SO MANY TIMES in my life, that I don’t find it interesting anymore. I completely take it for granted. (shame on me!)

The thing I like most about snow shoeing is that everything is new and exciting!! I’ve never participated in winter activities before so I’ve never been exposed to so much snow, for such a long period of time and not to mention everything looks so different as if I’m experiencing it for the first time. The landscape I grew up looking at is now a new place waiting to be explored. The plants I’ve seen a million times are now frozen, buried and sparkling. I wanted to use a macro lens to photograph everything!!! It was breath taking – both the hike and the scenery!

Snow Shoeing was actually a lot of fun. It’s just like hiking! You are standing on top of the ground, the shoes are very comfortable and flexible. It feels as though you’re walking normally. I imagined snow shoes to look like tennis rackets and be difficult to walk in, but in reality they are very easy to use, sleek and form-fitting.

I recommend snow shoeing to anyone who has ever wondered about it. The snow shoes I bought were $199.99 regularly priced. I recommend looking at the chart and buying the correct size, so that you can walk comfortably. The larger they are the wider your stance will be and it is not necessary to purchase snow shoes that are too large that will widen your stance any more than *slightly* wider than normal. If the price is too steep to just “try” them out, rent some! The lodge at High Point State Park rents them out very affordably!