Now that the 2012 Holidays are over and all gifts are given, I can safely post some of my favorite Client Holiday Photographs from this season – some of which were surprise gifts! (I love helping make Christmas special with the the most perfect gift of a photograph!)

To start, I will share a little bit about my family traditions & holiday memories.

This year I hosted my first Christmas! …and I bought my first tree! (a real one, that of course didn’t smell like pine, so I tricked everyone by buying pine scented candles, haha) I cooked all the food, made all of the appetizers, etc. and learned once again that I am more and more like my mother – I cook for twice as many people as needed! Thanks for that one, mom!

I think this officially makes me a grown-up, huh?!

The tradition we have on Christmas morning is a longstanding one – mimosa’s and cinnamon buns at mom’s house. This year was like every other – cinnamon buns were burnt to perfection. Apparently, it’s not Christmas unless we burn the breakfast – no matter how closely we watch that oven it never fails!

Christmas Traditions


Enough about me. Here’s the good stuff!

Each year I have many clients that request me to photograph their family for their holiday cards. This year was no different.

*I started photographing a little late though and had to turn down clients – lesson learned: promote this service prior to Thanksgiving in the year 2013 😉

The clients I did photograph for were absolutely perfect, though.

Meet my dear friends, the Walkers. We had a blast shooting these love filled candid photographs in the backyard as well as a local park. In my opinion, the familiar, simple backgrounds almost always work best.




Aren’t these boots just way too cute??



Walkers on Bridge Diptych




And these adorable little ones are clients I’ve photographed for a whole bunch.


I love this family! They are so sweet, very supportive and full of love. This years photo shoot had its challenges, but overall they came out great! This group shot was a surprise gift for a family member. How perfect!


We even spent some time outside, getting a few candid shots of the kids playing.





My favorite holiday endeavor this year though, was a NYC fashion based scavenger hunt, as I like to call it. Someone emailed me requesting that I photograph the Fashion Ave sign as well as 6 stores that were all significant to his girlfriend. This was going to be a Christmas present to top all others! As I know almost nothing about fashion, reading the list of stores seemed like gibberish. Henri Bendel?? What is that?! As I soon found out though, it’s the coolest store EVER!

My boyfriend, acting as photo assistant (and a damn good one, too!) and I ventured into NYC via train on a busy Saturday morning and spent all day carefully photographing each store with my camera on a tripod taking up just about half the sidewalk space. We photographed Henri Bendel, Harry Winston, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Tiffanys, Sax and of course, the Fashion Avenue sign.

In post, I created three collages that combined elements of each store & had them printed 12″ x 1 2″. They turned out GORGEOUS! Since this was a surprise gift as well I haven’t mentioned it at all, but am now very excited to unveil my work.

Tiffanys Harry Winston Collage Prada and Sax Collage Louis Vuitton Henri Bendel Collage

I hope that everyone enjoyed their holidays! I know I sure did.

Much love & Many thanks to all of the beautiful people who have supported me in this amazing adventure of beginning my own photography business.