I can’t believe this year has already come to a close – I feel as though it flew by, maybe even faster than any year before. For so many of us it was a year of reconnection after 2020, of resetting priorities, of lots of love and loss. (Which inadvertently are the two main reasons we create family photos right? To capture our love and have memories that remain after loss?)

This year I was happy to connect with many new families to create portraits with them. And I had the honor of continuing to capture more memories for the families I photograph year after year. Together we welcomed new babies, captured birthday milestones, celebrated pregnancies, partied together for birthdays and baptisms, and decorated your homes in heirloom prints you’ll enjoy forever. I am continuously grateful for all your support and your trust in me to capture your family. Thank you for hiring me in 2021. There was no greater pleasure than to spend time with and celebrate your family this year! Thank you! 💛

I am THRILLED to share with you this selection of 2021 highlights. Enjoy. And don’t forget to scroll to the bottom for the blooper reel! It’s really great this year! 😂


{Good Memories from 2021}

This is from my last studio newborn session, ever. I’ll always remember this session for that reason. No – this beautiful baby is NOT the reason I’ve stopped doing them. It’s been in the phasing out process for some time behind the scenes, and finally this summer after my last scheduled studio session I made the switch to being a Lifestyle Newborn Photographer only. Read more here: https://www.hpalecek.com/nj-lifestyle-newborn-photography/ 

Photographing my cousins maternity session was very memorable. It’s such a joy to use my talent to capture my own family and celebrate their milestones with photography. As book lovers, we customized a few photos with baby book versions of some classics.

This year I photographed an extended family and they chose a meaningful location at “The Grandpa Bench” in Round Valley Reservoir. We got to go hiking together to get out there to the bench and on the way I learned so much history about the area from the family. It was a very memorable experience. I love working with adventurous families!

I was so happy to photograph these twins on their 2nd birthday milestone after watching them grow through their newborn to first year sessions. This photo is so cute and right from the start of the session. I stood the family in a line and had them hold hands. I wanted the boys to interact a little bit so I asked them to high-5. I thought they’d high-5 each other but instead they ran in turn to me to give me one! It was so cute!

Fall sessions with kids are great! Half way through each fall session I ask the kids to throw leaves at me and I always get the best candids doing that!

I’ve been photographing this family since their very first maternity session year ago. As you can see we’re on #4! It’s been such a pleasure to capture all of their families growth over the years. Love you all!

Being there to celebrate Conrad’s Baptism with his family was such a pleasure!


{Best Photos of 2021}


{Blooper Reel}

I’m definitely the photographer that includes bloopers in the final gallery of your photographs. I think they’re so much fun! They may never be printed large and hung on the wall, but they’re a great addition to the custom family albums I make for my clients and give you a laugh. It’s a great way to remember how silly your kids were years down the line.

Thank you all for an amazing 2021. Your support and trust has meant the world to me, as always. Looking forward to seeing you again in 2022 and meeting many more new families to photograph. Happy New Year to all!