Session boxes have been a favorite of my clients for years because they’re the perfect option for when you finally see your photographs and “gotta have em all”! (Which happens all the time!)

In 2019, I’m introducing another version of the session box – A wooden one! And I’m so excited to tell you all about it:

A session box is a display box that contains one 4×6 lustre print of every photo from your portrait session! They look great displayed on the coffee table or on a shelf in your home, and make it easy to sit and flip through your precious photographs anytime you want!

The Wooden Session Box featured in this blog post is made of walnut and has an acrylic slide-out cover with your name engraved in it! All of your prints are beautifully displayed inside, tied in a white satin ribbon bow.

I chose the acrylic cover over glass so that you don’t have to be nervous about it breaking or to let your kids look through it. (Yay!)

Here are both Session Box options side by side. The one on the left has been a favorite for years and features a custom designed image cover. I’m looking forward to offering it’s sister, the new Wooden Session Box this year!