Winter weather in New Jersey is often unpredictable and chilly, but that doesn’t mean your winter portrait session can’t be just as fun and fulfilling as a spring one!

Think of snow covered pine trees, having a playful snowball fight with your kids, dressing up in cute hats and mittens, snuggling together under a wool blanket… doesn’t all of that sound nice?? So don’t let a little winter chill scare you away from pursuing a winter family session.

Winter Maternity Photos in Woods

Here are some tips to help you plan for that perfect winter portrait session & stay warm while you’re there.


1. Have some fun!

Remember when you were a kid and you LOVED playing in the snow? Channel that inner child and embrace the beauty of the winter. Lets start our session with some classic posed portraits and then move into some more candid and fun ones pulling the kids on a sled, having a playful snowball fight, skipping through the pine trees, sipping on a thermos of hot chocolate together, etc. We’ll work together to make some fun winter during your session and capture all those joyous smiles!


Winter Family Photos with Evergreens


2. Dress warm. Layers are key!

Leggings and long johns under your pants, extra shirts and sweaters type of layers! Here are some tips:

  1. Dressing in multiple layers with dresses over leggings, cardigans over sweaters is a super cute look for a winter session and will allow you to to feel comfortable outside without your jacket on.
  2. Making hats & mittens part of your outfit is not only super adorable and seasonal, but keeps you and the kids warm as well! I highly recommend wearing them.
  3. A good trick I’ve learned while hiking is that layering up on cotton socks can actually make your feet colder. Getting a nice pair of wool socks and wearing them in your boots will keep your feet warmer!
  4. Wearing waterproof boots or shoes to your snowy winter session is also a good idea so that snow doesn’t leak into your shoes and make your feet cold.

Here’s a link to my Winter Portrait Session Pinterest Board with some cute outfit ideas in it!




3. Buy hand and toe warmers!

When you get the location we’re going to shoot in, crack the hand and toe warmers, let them heat up a little bit and then stick them in everyone’s boots and gloves to keep those fingers & toes warm! This little trick will add extra time to the portrait sessions, keeping everyone happy and warm!


4. In between poses…

If you’re not going to include jackets in your outfit choice, bring one anyway. You’ll want to put it on in between poses and location changes if we’re walking around a bit during the session. This has helped little ones stay happy and warm throughout plenty of winter sessions. 

Another similar trick I use for maternity sessions or an extended family sessions where not everyone is needed for the entire time: I’ll organize the session into sections so that small groups of people can stay warm in the car for a portion of the session, rather than waiting outdoors when they’re not being photographed.


Winter Family Portraits


5. Picking the location

To really give that winter feel, picking a location with lots of pine trees is a must! Three of my favorite places that have great pine trees would be Sayan Gardens in Hamilton, NJ, Princeton Battlefield State Park in Princeton, NJ and Colonial Park in Somerset, NJ.



So, once again, don’t let a little winter chill scare you away from pursuing a winter family session! If you’re interested in setting one up for you and your family, let me know! I’m excited to help you plan out the perfect winter session!