While preparing for your upcoming family portrait session you might be wondering what you should bring with you. Here’s a blog post to help you narrow down the necessities, with a checklist at the bottom of the page!


What to Bring to a Family Portrait Session


My family sessions usually last 1.5 hours and are almost always outdoors, so you’d want to think about what you’ll need in that time frame and location. Water is a necessity especially on hot summer days. Snacks are always a great idea. (small, dry snacks are best!) And sometimes bringing a favorite toy for your child to play with is great too! Often times we’ll take a break half way through the session to ensure the kids stay happy and engaged. Having a toy for me to play with them with is really helpful. 

If we spoke about bringing extra clothing accessories or a specific small prop, you won’t want to forget those either. Sometime’s it’s nice to have little accessories like a colorful scarf to throw over the outfit you’re already wearing to add subtle variety to your images. 

What to Bring to a Family Portrait Session


So, as you prepare for your family portrait session, here are a few checklists for you so you don’t forget to bring any of the necessities!


Family Session WITH KIDS:

  • Diaper bag if applicable
  • Favorite toy for if/when we take a short break
  • Water for you, juice/milk for the kids
  • A snack for the kids that is quick to eat and not sticky or messy (Absolutely no lollipops. Goldfish Crackers or Puffs and other small and dry snacks are great though!)
  • Wipes
  • Any specific props or accessories we discussed bringing, if any


Family Sessions of ADULTS ONLY:

  • Water bottles to stay hydrated
  • Touch up makeup if applicable
  • Change of clothes if we discussed doing multiple outfits
  • Any specific props or accessories we discussed bringing, if any


Family Sessions WITH DOGS:

  • Leash and collar
  • Water and bowl
  • Poop baggies
  • Toy (squeak toy to get their attention and a frisbee or rope to create candid photos with)
  • and of course… treats!



I’m looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming session! For more tips on how to prepare, check out the “Session Info” Tab on the right hand side of this page!