Earlier this month some of my work was published alongside my advice for those traveling who would like to take better photographs while on vacation. It was published in My Central Jersey – click the image below to see the article!

nj travel photographer

One of the easiest things that travelers can do to create more interesting photos is to look for new, interesting perspectives. “Rather than photographing the Seattle Space Needle from the same spot everyone else does, photograph it through a window reflection, from below or from far away out your car window so you can document a story about the moment you saw it,” said Palecek.

When choosing a new perspective, travelers should focus on details that will remind them of their specific trip through all of their senses, Palecek continued. “A photograph of the New York City skyline from Hoboken will remind you that you once visited NYC, but you’d make a more compelling argument if you had a close up photo of a pigeon eating a pretzel on a dirty sidewalk while people walked by or a close-up photograph of that delicious margarita you drank at that hole-in-the-wall bar on the Lower East Side,” she said.

Whales in the Klamath Hitching to the Falls

These images were cropped in the article – here they are in their full view! <3

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