At the end of March I had the pleasure of photographing an Indian Baby Shower at the Eastonian. {One of my favorite celebrations to photograph, by the way} It was an incredible day filled with family & friends, traditions, love, and laughter. {Lots of laughter – especially the games! see below}

swati aakash

The mom-to-be chose a spring theme of tulips and bright colors for the table decor – absolutely gorgeous! – with cute script signs everywhere you turned! <3

NJ Event Photographers
NJ Event Photographer

The event started out with a Pooja and the traditional Godhbharai ceremonies, and then a few awesome games, and lots of delicious foods. 


NJ Indian Baby Shower Event Photographer

NJ Indian Baby Shower Event Photographer

NJ Indian Baby Shower Event Photographer

….so these games I was telling you about… Oh boy!

The first was one really cute – 6 teams of 2 were brought up to play “The Price is Right” with baby items.

Baby Shower Games

The 2nd game involved the boys and had the whole party cracking up. Each team chose a wig, and one person played the model, while the other was the hair dresser. They were able to choose from a bag of goodies and had 5 minutes to impress mom-to-be with the best hair style! 


The 3rd game was really sweet. All 5 moms-to-be in attendance made wishes for their child and read them aloud. 


Then the cake cutting…


And I’ll end with some sweet candid shots from throughout the day.




I hope you enjoyed looking through these images from Swati & Aakash’s baby shower… Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!


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<3 Heather