Is there anything more fun than a 1 year old happily smearing cake all over themself? I didn’t think so.

Here’s a happy little boy celebrating his 1st birthday with a “Cake Smash” in the park….


My narration:

Top Left: “Wait, this cupcake is for me? Is this a trick? I better grab it quick!”

Top Right: “It really is for me! I’m so happy!!”

Bottom Left: “Oh yea, this is the best day of my life.”

Bottom Right: ….having eaten himself into a sugar coma.



Happy 1st Birthday to a sweet, sensitive, loving little brother and son. It was my pleasure to photograph you again! <3

This awesome session wound up being a fantastic session box full of 5×7’s:

Wylands Session Box

Do you have a 1st Birthday coming up? Let’s have a cake smash! Click here to get more information about my portrait sessions!