For those of you who are unaware, I go on a cross-country road trip every summer.

You can view many of the images from these road trips in my landscapes and travel portfolios both on my Facebook page and my webpage.

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And… after my 2011 road trip, I created a blog post of two hand-stitched panoramas which can be viewed by clicking here.  ‎They are of a place in Danville, PA as well as in Yellowstone NP.


This years road trip was not very “cross – country”, but my brother and I jumped in my car and drove from Central NJ to Acadia National Park in Maine. Along the way we stopped at Mystic Seaport, Newport, Rhode Island (did the cliff walk there and drank awful awfuls as well as beach combed, etc.) and then we went to the curly tip of Massachusetts and spent the night in Provincetown. After that we spent a day and night in Boston at Northeastern and then drove Route 1 up the coast through New Hampshire and into Maine. We spent three days in Acadia and then ended our trip at a friends house in Hancock Point, Me. Actually… we ended our trip with an 11 hour car ride home from there… haha It was a really great week of camping and exploring new places!

Here are my photos and some captions from the trip:

IMG_7947 IMG_7950

Above is day 1 of camping in Melville, RI near Newport. My Big Agnes Tent and Tom cooking breakfast!

Below are a few photos from the Cliff Walk in Newport, RI and the awful awful’s we purchased at the creamery. They were so well deserved after this 100 degree day – and DELICIOUS!IMG_7953 IMG_7960 IMG_7963 IMG_7964

After Newport we got in the car and drove up the coast and into Cape Cod, staying overnight in a mosquito filled dune in Provincetown. This town was awesome! It looked as if it was going to pour so I decided to leave the camera at camp and we walked downtown for dinner and to check out the beaches. I don’t have enough nice things to say about this town and it’s people.

The next morning we woke up early and drove to Boston to meet my brothers friend, who is now my friend, Kimo, at Northeastern. He gave us an awesome tour of the city which included cannoli’s in Little Italy. <3

Below is a photo of Tom and Kimo walking through the city, also note the SEA LION! He took us to the aquarium! 🙂

IMG_7993 IMG_7987

After Boston we drove up the coast on Route 1 north through NH and into ME. I absolutely loved all the little New England towns we drove into – such gorgeous land, ocean views, boats and people!

IMG_7974 IMG_8012

As you can see from above I brought a pinhole camera with me and photographed all over the place!

Below are some photographs of this insane book store in Salem, Massachusetts. I honestly don’t know what anyone would do if they wanted to purchase a book from the bottom. I’d say avalanche & near death experience.

IMG_7996 IMG_7998 IMG_8004 IMG_8005

We camped just south of Portland, Maine that night. It was a gorgeous KOA campground and we stayed up for a while playing cards by the fire and drinking. Not too late though. The next morning we headed to Acadia not realizing it was 4 hours from where we were staying!

IMG_8039 IMG_8041 IMG_8054 IMG_8055

The card game we were playing is called Palace and is my favorite game of all time!

Below is a photo of our drive into Acadia NP! (and the fog that greeted us.)IMG_8060 IMG_8061 IMG_8065

Above you can see the setup for one of my pinhole images. It reminds me of that image of Ansel Adams standing on top of a car photographing through a large-format camera.

Below are many of the images from our trip in Acadia. We spent three days there, summited two mountains, hung on sand beach and loved every second of it all!

IMG_8075 IMG_8083 IMG_8090

These images were taken on the rocks near Thunder Hole.IMG_8093 IMG_8106 IMG_8110 IMG_8117

These photos have my vote for most unusual tripod! 🙂 IMG_8118 IMG_8143 IMG_8151Above is a photo of Tom at the summit of Cadillac Mountain.IMG_8155 IMG_8168 IMG_8169 IMG_8174 IMG_8192These couple images are some of the sweetest to me, because after a terrifying decent down a rock faced mountain in the rain I was so happy to touch ground and see such a beautiful sight, this pond.IMG_8201 IMG_8206Haha, Tom and I were so sweaty & rainy! Funny faces and then Serious ones! (Abusing my DSLR and taking selfie’s with it!)IMG_8213 IMG_8214 IMG_8215 IMG_8219This is the entrance to Jordan Pond from behind the Pond House. We came down here to scope it out before dinner. The next morning we came back to walk around it and then hike to the summit of Penobscot Mountain.IMG_8223 IMG_8229 IMG_8230 IMG_8234 IMG_8247Here’s a photo of Tom near the summit of Penobscot Mt. Stunning views from here.IMG_8254 IMG_8262 IMG_8264 IMG_8268Happy to be summiting another mountain together.IMG_8273 IMG_8277

This photo is of the pond at the top of Penobscot Mountain. I love the way the colors blend together. This is my favorite from the trip. 🙂

Funny story about this pond… We hiked all the way to the top and wanted to go swimming. This is one of the only places in Acadia that you’re allowed to swim. I changed into a bathing suit and was about to walk into the pond when this older couple walked up to us and told me there were leeches in it. They ruined my day. I changed back into my hiking clothes and did not go swimming. That was the end of that. haha

After this we hiked down the mountain, returned to camp, showered and headed to my friends house in Hancock Point.

It was an absolutely awesome little road trip. I recommend Acadia NP to anyone!! I can’t wait to go back to hike the Beehive!