Although Spring and Fall are typically the most popular times for portrait sessions in the Northeast, don’t underestimate the beauty of a winter portrait session! Winter sessions are great for a few reasons: Less people at the local parks we photograph in, so less disturbances. Your photographer has more availability, so scheduling is easier. The sessions are earlier in the day due to sunset which works well with the little ones bed times. It also allows you to “make a day of it” – you can get dressed up and have your portrait session at 3pm then go out to dinner at 5! I also personally love the layered winter outfits for portrait sessions!

At this particular session we met at Cross Estate Gardens and took full advantage of having the grounds mostly to ourselves. We used the labyrinth gardens as our first location and then moved up towards the stone building to take some more portraits and end the session with candids of the family playing football together. I even got to share my love of rock climbing with the younger son who was playing around the stone wall! I’ve been photographing this family for many years and it’s always so much fun to get together and see how much the boys have grown and watch their personalities shine.

I loved the black and red outfits they chose for themselves and how they incorporated Christmas hats for some silly photos, always their family favorites! I just love when my families embrace their kids personalities and silly sides during our portrait sessions!

Here’s a selection of some of my favorites, with some “blooper reel” shots mixed in.

Do you see what I mean about winter portrait sessions being just as great as fall and spring seasons? This adventurous family did a great job that day!

Thanks for reading! – Heather