This blog post is episode 1 in a multi-part-series called “What Inspires Me”.

Today’s topic is art history.

And to start us off, here’s a screenshot of me admiring one of my faves… This screenshot is from my friend Cengiz’s Instagram story from when we visited the Art Institute in Chicago.



I studied Fine Arts in college; learning techniques to make my own art and studying great artists throughout history. College was enlightening for many reasons, but especially for how it taught me to learn from and appreciate art. I love visiting museums and galleries to see past and current artists work and I pull a lot of inspiration from seeing and experiencing their work. I’ve always been intrigued by unique techniques and processes, the use of color, interesting lighting, and contemporary art.

Recently, I visited the Art Institute in Chicago and a few galleries in Philadelphia and found so many artworks that absolutely inspired me in numerous ways. I wanted to share some of them with you, which is why this topic is the first in my series!


Tom Herbert, La Belle Assemblee

Tom Herbert La Belle Assemblee

I saw this collage by Tom Herbert on display at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center and fell in love with it! 


Max Ernst, 1944, Summer Night in Arizona

Max Ernst Summer Night in Arizona

The emerald green sky in this oil painting is striking to me and has certainly inspired me. I’m actually planning a portrait shoot inspired by this painting with my best friend as the model. 


David Hockney, 1983, Sunday Morning, Mayflower Hotel, NY

David Hockney Sunday Morning Mayflower Hotel

David Hockney’s “joiners” have been inspiring to me for over a decade. My photography professor in college introduced us to his work and made us make one for a project. That was it… after that I was hooked and made so many of these throughout my college years. I would print images 4×6 sized and make large murals to hang in my room. Seeing this at the Art Institute definitely re-inspired me to make more of them this year!


Joan Miro, 1918, Portrait of Juanita Obrador

Joan Miro Portrait of Juanita Obrador

Francis Picabia, 1927, Painting of Madame X

These two portraits by Francis Picabia and Joan Miro also struck me while visiting the Art Institute. I think the colors and patterns drew me in. 


Stay tuned for more “What Inspires Me” posts in the future!