Check out these promo portraits I recently did for March of the Mannequins!

We had a lot of fun & we accidentally created a HUGE traffic jam in Clifton while shooting these! Whoops! That’s what happens when you have a talented band on a sidewalk with strobes flashing at them…

Everyone wanted to get a glimpse at what we were doing & everyone who is reading this should take a glimpse at what this band is doing! They just added a new member – Mr. Danny Oliver and have also just released their first EP! You can buy it by going to & with it comes not only some really great tracks, but the secret code that gives you the chance to see the behind-the-scenes documentary I created while in the recording studio with them!! (How cool! & NO – I cannot give you the code no matter how much I love you!)

I’m telling you – this album ROCKS! Don’t be a fool & be the last one to find out about them – Check this band out now!

The photographs in this slideshow are ones that the band has chosen for promotional purposes. I work collaboratively with this band often. These photos show their enthusiasm as well as serious dedication and also their humorous, light-hearted and honest side. I chose the location, the band chose their own posing. I used two Alien Bee B800 strobes with soft boxes for all of these photographs.