In mid April I did a photo shoot with a new band, Missal and the Mind Readers. Their request was to have a white backdrop and end up with a solid set of photographs that they can use in conjunction with the release of their upcoming album that they were actually recording as I arrived, which was really cool.

They started the shoot with a conversation about baseball while I was adjusting the lighting and taking a few test shots – this soon lead to immense amounts of laughter and an overall hysterical and awesome photo shoot that had at least two of them in tears! (Tears of laughter, I swear!) They wanted well-done photographs with a white backdrop and they wanted me to capture “them” – to show off their personalities and passion. Mission: Complete.

I photographed two different group compositions (One of which was band-chosen) and individual portraits of each band member and I think they turned out amazing!

Tell me what you think!

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I mean, c’mon – tell me you didn’t smile while looking at how much fun these guys were having at our photo shoot!

If you want to see these personality-packed, super-talented people perform, then you are in luck! They perform THIS SUNDAY, May 20th at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC.

Make sure to check them out and definitely try to get out to see them perform!