Powder-Paint-Engagement-Session Powder-Paint-Engagement-Session

The two pictured above are two of my best friends… AND THEY’RE GETTING MARRIED!!!

They wanted to do something fun for their engagement session and landed on… POWDER PAINT! I, of course, was very excited to do this! Color, Art Supplies, Nature, Friends, A full out color war?! Oh yes!!



We started out clean and did some “before” shots, in clean white clothing, looking over the shoulder with hands full of powder paint…



And then, experimentally, threw the first handful.


This was all of our first time doing this so we were surprised at how little paint was needed to create a HUGE cloud of color!




How cool do they look in these portraits?!

Powder-Paint-Engagement-Session Powder-Paint-Engagement-Session


After the “war” was over and they were completely saturated in color I posed them against this tree for some snuggly, love shots.

These two have been together since the 8th grade dance and the love they share is very inspiring!

Powder-Paint-Engagement-Session Powder-Paint-Engagement-Session


This was one of the most fun photo shoots I’ve ever done!

I want to send a huge thank you to the property owners for allowing us to photograph on their beautiful land!

And another one to Kellie & Paden for choosing my camera & I to have this much fun with!!




I did a lot of research before this photo shoot. (So did Kellie and Paden!) So take the advice I compiled from research as well as experience:

1. There are two types of paint that can be used for this… Holi Festival Powder or what we used: Dry Tempera Paint (non-toxic). (The Dry Tempera Paint is cheaper too!) In my research, I found that the paint will wash away in a good rain. I was also very worried that there would be piles of paint laying on the ground under their feet and to my surprise there weren’t. The paint blew away in the breeze and was barely noticeable after the fact.

2. Practice your pretty, smirk face before the shoot because you don’t want to have your mouth open during this type of photo shoot and you also don’t want to look frightened. It’s a hard trick to learn but these two pulled it off fabulously!

3. Choose an outfit that you don’t mind getting dirty! (shoes, too!)

4. Get a “rain suit” for your dslr camera so that you don’t get paint all over it!

5. The paint can be thrown, clapped, blown, etc. all over the place and it’s good to know that you don’t need a lot of it to make a large cloud!

6. But most importantly, HAVE FUN!


In terms of important camera settings….

I used auto focus and pre-determined my AF point. I had my camera on continuous mode to take many photographs rapidly. A fast shutter speed is necessary!