Has this ever happened to you? ~ You’re out to dinner with a friend and they ask how your kids are… You pull out your phone to find a photo to show off, but you can’t seem to find one with all the randomness of food pictures and screenshots. Meanwhile, {after all that searching} the moment passes, the conversation has changed, and the photo is never found.

I know this has happened to me more times than I’d like to admit – with all my cat photos, embarrassing funny face pictures, and everything else… I can never seem to find the right picture at the right time!


What if I told you I had a solution to this problem?

It’s called a Personalized Photo Gallery Smartphone App & is available for both apple and android phones and tablets. By downloading your gallery app, you’ll be able to quickly and easily find all of your favorite images right on your homescreen! Just click on the app, and it opens as shown below, in a neat and organized gallery. You can click on the images to enlarge them, scroll through the slideshow, and even share it with your family!

Personalized Photo Gallery Smartphone App

Want to know what’s even better? This app is given for free as a gift to every client who purchases more than $150 of print products after their session.

Now, none of my clients will ever have to experience the above scenario again because your photos will always be at your fingertips ready to share at work, with family, and every time a friend asks, “So how are the kids?”