Happy 7th Birthday, Joshua!

I’m so glad that I was invited to photograph Joshua’s 7th birthday party and celebrate with him and his friends! After all these years it feels like I’m part of the party and not just a bystander with a camera. These clients make me feel loved and appreciated; like one of their friends.

You see, I’ve been photographing Joshua’s birthday parties since he was ONE! That’s 7 years of watching him grow up, along with his family and friend group from Pre-School to Kindergarten, and beyond. It’s been so much fun! (There was a bit of an obvious hiccup in 2020, but otherwise I’ve been capturing the action every year!)

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This year, he and his friends did a lot more running around than in years past and I was right in the mix with them from the downstairs play room, the first floor living room, and then up to the bedroom – it was exhausting! haha How do kids have so much energy?! His friends couldn’t get enough of playing hide and seek, stealing candy from the gumball machine, dressing up with his Minecraft costume, chasing each other with a stuffed snake, jumping in the stuffed animal closet (it’s as incredible as it sounds!), playing games, sword fights, arcade games, and then of course eating pizza and cake! It was an awesome party, full of fun and loving people, all coming together to celebrate Joshua’s 7th birthday.

The theme of the party was “Minecraft”, one of Joshuas favorites. There were awesome goodie bags, masks, and a Minecraft pinata! Even though the pinata didn’t quite go as planned, it’s a funny story! As the kids were pulling the strings to let the candy out, the entire pinata fell to the ground instead and all the kids just jumped in and ripped the candy out of it! It was pretty funny!

Well, I’ll let the photographs tel the rest of the story! Here are some highlights. Enjoy!

Highlight Reel:

I always show up to events a half hour or more early to photograph the detail and decorations, as well as get some family portraits in. We had some time left over before guests arrived and I was able to capture some sweet moments of Joshua playing with his sister and he gave me a tour of the house and introduced me to all the Minecraft figurines he had in the play room. It so sweet!

As guests arrived they knew exactly where to go: Upstairs to Joshuas room to check out all his toys and start playing!

After that it was all play! Snake chasing, games, dress up, sword fights, pinatas!

There was time for a quick pizza break before hide-and-seek began…

Before we did the pinata and cake, all the kids took a group photo. 

Wishing Joshua a very Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come true!