So it turns out that Mothers Day is the most perfect day to do a family photo shoot. Most families all get together on that day anyway, so why not invite a photographer along to your celebration to take some family portraits? Although I did not get to spend the holiday with my own mother, I was warmly welcomed into this families day!

NJ-Family-Photographer New-Jersey-Family-Photographer

While planning a location, Donna recommended the Ringwood Manor at the same time I recommended the Botanical Gardens – neither of us knowing that they were the same place, haha! How perfect?! So that’s where we went. Although we missed some of the gorgeous blossoms that are there in early spring, we found a nice patch of grass to have a picnic on.

The Marines-9

I photographed three generations – grandparents, children and spouses and three grandchildren. The blanket used in many of the photographs represents the great-grandparents. I loved this idea!

Here are some adorable sibling kisses and fun…

NJ-Children-Photographer The Marines-20

The theme of the day was definitely these dandelions. The kids LOVED blowing them.

Child Photography The Marines-94New-Jersey-Children-Photography

In the many candid photographs I took the children’s personalities definitely came out!

He LOVES to climb trees. He’s really good too!

The Marines-79

And she is so curious about life’s little wonders. She loved to smell flowers and explore. (She reminds me a lot of me when I was a little girl!)

The Marines-75 The Marines-85

And this little one is such a daddies girl! She had so much fun soaring through the air in dad’s arms!

The Marines-35 The Marines-36

Overall this was a really wonderful day spent with loved ones.

Here are some more of my favorites…

The Marines-121 NJ-Children-Photography The Marines-86 The Marines-84 New-Jersey-Children-Photography The Marines-49 The Marines-47 The Marines-42 The Marines-17

Oh! And if you don’t believe how much this kid loves to climb trees, just look what we had to do to him to keep him away from them! 🙂 All in good fun!

The Marines-127