I say it so often… large, extended family portrait sessions like these make the best gifts. They become cherished memories and photos for the whole family, forever. This particular one was a birthday gift for Mom. I was so happy to hear that she loved them and everything was even better than expected!

Her daughter and I worked to plan out the portrait session together. She chose Sayan Gardens in Hamilton, NJ as the location because it had special meaning to their mom and they haven’t been there as a family in many many years. We picked a great day to get together too, right before mothers day as the azaleas were in bloom, with perfect weather and bright sun! The whole family wore shades of blue within their outfits that really complimented one another and contrasted well with the bright pink flowers and green leaves in every background.

During extended family sessions like this one I always make sure to get big and small groupings of siblings, grandchildren, smaller family units, etc. Here is a selection of highlights from their portrait session. Enjoy!