In 2015 I donated my time and talent to a variety of charities, one of which I’d like to highlight: Donovan Delivers

Donovan Delivers

The Delay Family are putting the needs of others before themselves and have dedicated an immense amount of time to the foundation of this charity and its fundraising events this year. In November of this year, they hosted a brunch at The Hamilton Manor and it was fantastic! They called me many, many, months in advance and their hearts spoke to mine. I knew immediately that I needed to participate. I spent the entire summer planning a “Winter” themed studio set that was modern, transportable, and adaptable to a variety of family sizes.

I chose to go with cream colors, dark woods, and white & gold accents with details of snowflakes and mason jars. It was *beautiful*! Check out the set on my IG, here.


Completing these adorable mini-portrait-sessions was definitely a team effort: The Delays were welcoming and helpful, my boyfriend was “The Muscle” and helped with transport and setup, and my best friend was the most perfect assistant. Thank you all for donating your time and helping me support this worthwhile cause!

I really had an excellent time at this event, and am so happy to have been a part of raising over $10,000.00 for Donovan Delivers in 2015!

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