This is one of my favorite sessions of 2020 and I’m not going to lie… I’m a little biased here: This is MY FAMILY! That’s my aunt and uncle in the middle, with their two daughters (my cousins) and the husband of my cousin. We got together to create family portraits for my aunts birthday. She deserves to be celebrated and it’s always a good time to celebrate family with portraits!

When I posted about this family session on instagram I captioned it,

“I’VE COME FULL CIRCLE, everyone! Hear me out: The “why” behind my family portrait business comes from my love of my own family photos; I’m sentimental about them and that was developed in me through childhood while I would look through photo albums with my grandmother. Those heirlooms are priceless to me, and so are the memories I have of looking at the albums with her. Being able to create them for others is one of the greatest joys of my life & why I love this job so much! Over the last 3 weeks I’ve had the immense pleasure of turning some of my own family members into “clients” and capturing memories for them… My own images are now my family heirlooms. I’ve come full circle.”


As you see from looking at my webpage I typically photograph families with young children, so it was fun for me to do something a little different and photograph an adult family.

We had so much fun together that evening. The location wasn’t our first choice, but ended up being the BEST choice. I loved the way the sun shined through the trees at this fishing pond and the variety of backgrounds available in the area. I’ll definitely be using this location again! (Our original location was full – due to Covid-19 restrictions)

The whole family wore a variety of blues to coordinate and we even joked that Renee dyed her hair blue for the occasion! But nope – she always looks that cool! Family, I’m so happy we got together to do this. <3

Enjoy this selection of highlights from their session:

Thank you for joining me in enjoying the highlights from this session. Lets all wish my Aunt Ennette a very happy birthday together!

If you’d like to celebrate an upcoming milestone with the gift of portraiture, reach out right away!