The best thing about 2020 for my family was the announcement and then healthy birth of my first niece. She is just *perfect* and was born on November 13.

I feel so fortunate that I was able to create the images in this blog post for my brother and sister-in-law. We got together at the end of September at Harbes Orchard on long island to take apple picking maternity photos and they came out so amazing! The next generation of family heirlooms for us. <3

When I posted about my brother and sister in law’s maternity session on instagram I captioned it,

“I’VE COME FULL CIRCLE, everyone! Hear me out: The “why” behind my family portrait business comes from my love of my own family photos; I’m sentimental about them and that was developed in me through childhood while I would look through photo albums with my grandmother. Those heirlooms are priceless to me, and so are the memories I have of looking at the albums with her. Being able to create them for others is one of the greatest joys of my life & why I love this job so much! Over the last 3 weeks I’ve had the immense pleasure of turning some of my own family members into “clients” and capturing memories for them… My own images are now my family heirlooms. I’ve come full circle.”

This particular day was perfect! Sun was shining. It was a little warm for the end of September. It was also a little crowded at the orchard but one of the employees saw that we were taking photographs and offered to allow us down a private lane in the orchard that was blocked off. So we ended up with a whole area full of apples to ourselves. Amazing!!

Lindsay picked out amazing outfits for her and my brother, with a nice warm toned flannel and her beautiful dress. She brought her hat as a prop, which was so much fun to use in the images. Here’s a peek at the highlights from their maternity session: