I’m part of a great photographers group, called “NJ Portrait Photographers” lead by Meredith & Denise, who recently made a styled session for us to play at. It was Alice in Wonderland Themed, and was ‘wonderful’ in so many ways. They created different sets around a beautiful garden studio, including: Alice’s Cookies & Drink, A tea set, an area in the woods with large playing cards, and then let us be creative on our own as well.

I’ll start my session with this shot of Alice going about her business, but sensing something is amiss….


My favorite shot of the night, might possibly be this soft focus one:




Sweet, Innocent, Alice in Wonderland….



I brought my kaleidoscope along to create some trippy looking images of Alice…




and I ended the evening with Alice running through the night….



Thank you so much, Meredith & Denise for setting this up for all of us. It was so great to network and play with so many photographers, and to participate in this shoot! Thank you to our model, Kaylin, as well! <3